Tatag is a business consultant who is highly competent in any business-related works. His eagerness to learn and strong determination have brought him to various professional experiences and accomplishments even during his university years.

In 2019, his most recent success is at PT Widigital Tri Buana where he handled an EduTech project with a client from India as a project manager while undergoing his last year as a university student at the same time. He leads more than 400 teams in this project. There, he saved almost half of the total project cost by reducing half of the project duration while still delivering a satisfying outcome for the client. 

Right after the project, Tatag finished his dual Bachelor’s degree from Sampoerna University and Oregon State University. He graduated summa cum laude and also awarded as the Best Graduate, Best Accounting Student, and Entrepreneurship Award from Putera Sampoerna Foundation. He received a scholarship from Putera Sampoerna Foundation.

Equipped with high intelligence and broad knowledge, in 2020, he then continued his career as a Business Consultant at PT Palladium International Indonesia under The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Incomes through Support for Markets in Agriculture (AIP-PRISMA) project. He specializes in Market System Development (MSD) consulting.

Throughout his working experiences, Tatag has always demonstrated exceptional skills. He is a confident individual who has good interpersonal skills derived from his years-long experience in organizational activities. 

Additionally, he is fluent in English as his second language and practices it on a daily basis. Tatag welcomes any positive opportunities and is ready to collaborate professionally with you in making an impactful change.

“I thank all my supporting parties, especially to my family and Fafa who gives me spirit to strive for my future.”

Profile Tatag Adi Sasono


Tatag's name is retrieved from Javanese word with the meaning of brave. Adi means prime. Sasono symbolizes charm and charisma. From that, Tatag has a strong goal to spread the positive impact with brave, prime, charm, and full of charisma.


To live fulfilling lives in this new emerging world and to become an architect of the future, Tatag needs to know his self. He needs to be ready to reinvent his self throughout his lives, wherever and whenever. Above all, Tatag focuses to stay positive and be humble in any circumstance.


Despite the fact that we go after different dreams on our own, Tatag strongly believes that he stands on a common ground of wanting to make positive impacts on society. He views that making positive impacts on society is none other than a noble, virtuous intention. ​

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